Doilies Galore

Thought I’d show you some of the things I made  earlier instead of having a plain page to greet you.

Long ago, when I first learnt the crochet stitches, I found a pattern on Crochet Fantasy Magazine. It had symbols and instructions, which for a beginner like me was just perfect!

I made one for me .Later I made one each for my aunts and mom with whatever yarn/thread, I could lay my hands on. Mostly because this was the only pattern, I had and also could understand.In ages past, I couldn’t read patterns!!Thats where the symbols came in handy!

For this particular doily, I used threads that a very kind lady sent me in an ROAK.

Christmas Star from January 1999 issue of Crochet Fantasy

All these patterns from a crochet magazine I got here called Crochet Monthly.Haven’t seen it again.But I LOVE it coz it has symbols and instructions too.

Wonder where that blue shade came in from.

This thread was so hard on the fingers that I was relieved when the doily got over.

Being able to read charts better than written patterns, gave me the new confidence to try out bigger patterns.

I used :

Hook : #6 Tulip

Thread: size 10 SouthMaid French Rose

Pattern : Tropical Heatwave from Crochet Monthly Magazine.

The next doily is the coloured version of the Pale Poinsettia pattern that I did a while back.Same pattern in two different versions.

Heres the picture of the monotone version

I used:

Thread:Size 10 South Maid in Peach

Hook : 1.5 Jimra hook

Pattern: Pale Poinsettia from Crochet Monthly Magazine.

Now the colour version

I used:
DMC Perlecotton 8 the center is a varigated yellow, the flower a varigated Burgandy and the outer lace, sage green

Hook: 1.25 Jimra hook

Pattern: Pale Poinsettia from Crochet Monthly Magazine.

I prefer the coloured one,Which one do you like better?

I wanted to see how the coloured version of it would look and ‘ coloured’ it .I like the coloured version better now. what do you think?

Another Doily I made at the Mystery Crochet Along I belonged to. I remember feeling nervous about being able to read the pattern properly. And my excitement at seeing the pattern unfold. This pattern is from an online pattern too I later discovered.

This is the first doily I made after I learnt to read patterns.I remember being so confused although the pattern is simple.

This doily is from a free pattern leaflet .It was also part of the ROAK from that same lady who sent me yarns and thread sent me.

We did this as a crochet along at a Yahoo group I belonged too. Most of the times, when reading patterns, I use the pictures as guide for me as I am a visual learner.

This doily below is called Windmill.Its done in size 30 thread.The hook I used is 1.25 mm,Jimra .I love the way it has turned out.I love working with size 30 thread but my eyes don’t love it as much as me .

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