WIP: Olympic Doily progress

I decided to add beads to my doily today.To spice up an otherwise plain looking doily

Thought I’d show you the little bead box I have.Doesn’t it look pretty with all those coloured beads in there.I got those beads at the local Japanese shop here.Most of the things available are just curios.Wish the shop would carry some crochet patternbooks too .Japanese pattern books have very dainty patterns I have heard.

Whats the nail polish doing there,well I coat the tip of my thread with nail polish and use it like a needle to thread the beads.Easier way to add beads.

Incase you are curious to see my play(work) station,here it is.You can see the pattern I’m working on there in the picture.

I know I should have chosen a bigger doily. I had never tried crocheting a rose before Thought this was The time to try crocheting a rose.Well,it wasn’t as difficult as I made it to be in my mind.Guess it was just a mental block I had. So now I added the beads to make it look like its a lot of work involved……..lol .Honestly this pattern is not as hard as I thought it would be

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