Change Purses

Change purse Made this with the thread I got from our own Mimi .I used two threads,SCO26 size8 Cannon thread and size 10 Anchor Lifestyle Metallic thread Mx001.I love how the metallic thread jazzes up the purse……see the twinkle?

This cellphone cover is a take off from the above change purse pattern,made with the Cannon size 8 SCO26. The cover turned out slightly bigger for the cellphone but this is my first .I hope to improvise on it to fit my cellphone more perfectly.

I love this colour and its also very easy to work with this thread.Just a tad bit bigger than size 10. I used a 21/2mm Pony hook. I made about four small stuff with one ball of thread.


    1. a change purse (picture above)


  1. a bridal pouch,(the picture of the one I made was lost when my computer crashed earlier) so here’s a bad picture I swiped off Jaishree’s blog and cropped.

and two cell phone covers-one plain picture on flicker widget and one shells. I still have a little thread left perhaps to make a small flower or something.
Friday ,we decided to drive around the city,listening to music in the climate controlled car 🙂 Outside it was about 10 degree Celsius.
While the children occupied themselves with their Hot-Wheels cars,we just enjoyed each other’s company and the view that greeted us on the cold grey foggy morning .

the waterfront

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