Year End Teacher’s Gift

Today is the end of the year for A.

A’s teacher this year Mrs AM , is one of the Kindest ,most patient teachers I have met.I loved how she encouraged my son to excel at everything this year. Motivated him to improve his handwriting and calm down and participate in everything.I wish the next teacher would be just as good for A.

I sent her a year end gift with a note from A attached to it that said : “Thank you for being a Wonderful Teacher .I will never forget you ” A added the last line .

This doily

A closer view

Plus this Bookmark

along with a pillar scented candle and card. Yup, I made that bookmark before I finished this doily.

Details about the doily:

Its called Waterlily ,pattern is from Magic Crochet Book August 1990#67

Made with size 30 DMC Perle’ cotton thread in colour 793 and a 0.7mm Jimra hook, the couch ate up the hook half way while making this doily and I used a 0.6mm Jimra hook.

Didn’t make much of a difference with the hook change.Just the right easy peasy pattern for something I needed to finish in a short time. It did get a bit monotonous with the same repeat pattern, that it became a struggle to try and finish it in time.

The book mark is called Elegant Pineapple Bookmark .

Made with DMC Babylo Size 10 thread and a 1.25 Jimra hook. Couldn’t understand the last part of the pattern so I just looked at the pictures and guess worked the rest.I think it looks just the same and if that is any sign,I ‘m improving in my crocheting abilities, right? 🙂

Meanwhile this Oval doily pattern caught my eye from the same book I mentioned above.Not yet sure if I should make it or not.

Every-time I see a pretty doily,my hands reach out for the thinnest thread and smallest hook available . And before I get grip of what is happening ,I am already making it!

I did promise my mom one for her centre table. So I might make it after all in pale green size 20 thread and a 0.75 mm hook

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