Can you Handle this….

Cute Overload?????!!!!!!

A found them in the backyard of our building.After begging, pleading , threatening to run away with the kittens , to adopt them and bring them home, he has decided to adopt one anyway whether I like it or not ,and keep it out of our house.An old shelf has been turned into a kitten bed cum kennel. All is well now 🙂

I am in love with this little guy,…..shhhhhhhhh thats supposed to be a secret, unfortunately M and I are allergic to pet hair,feathers, etc. So we can’t have them home

A loves the fawn coloured baby tho,I tried to convince him that the ash one looked sweeter.He would have none of it, you see , I was not supposed to have a say since I havn’t allowed one into the home. So thats the little one he has adopted right now.

He is taking tips from his dad about cleaning and feeding . I strongly suspect,the dad is secretly very happy with the turn of events.I did catch him grinning to himself several times although he denies he was even grinning…and says he caught me grinning ………go figure! 😉

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