WIP: Baby Sweater

So here’s the back of the simple sweater I am working on.

I am making it for Little M.He likes this colour.While I am working on it ,he would come near me, touch the yarn and say” its soft” “baby like this colour” .The yarn is Bravo colour,100%acrylic .Then he would go on and ask” what colour is this ?” and if I say yellow, he’d say” no its orange” and if I said orange,he’d say its yellow.Next he would ask me the colour of the needles.Obviously with so much going on around the sweater, progress has been pretty slow.

He’s learning his colours .Everything is described in colours.” I am combing my black hair” “I’ve got a black hurt on my brown skin ” “I am eating white rice with yellow curry”etc.Its too cute hearing him talk like that.

Here’s a closeup of the stitches

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