India Trip (part-1)

Wonderfully nice flight pursers,no fussy kids, (thanks to some colouring books for M and some twinkle digest books A that I saved just for the trip)no hand baggage … the flight to India was just perfect.

For us parched souls, squinting at the glare of the scorching desert sun, it was a shock ,a climatic one; when the skies opened up , and started raining cats and dogs.As we scurried around to find cover, the porter who helped me take the baggage out, demanded I pay in Dinars although I had made it very clear to him intially that I would not pay him in Dinars. simply coz I didn’t take any Dinars with me.But why would he believe me , probably he had heard  millions of people say the same thing to him all the time.

Anyways,after much pouting and sulking he finally agreed,to be paid in Indian Rupees .They did get their lessons right , how to fleece people ( with  two extremely sleepy on the verge of getting cranky children and tired inlaws,and baggage to take care of , it wasn’t easy). The officials also seem to be hand in hand with these people,  as there was this one person who appeared from nowhere , and was trying to make me “see” reason.I was  more in the mood to just pay and get over with it all than stand there arguing with them.Although next time I know better .

In retrospect I don’t even know why I asked them to help me coz I was travelling light and could have easily taken care of my baggages………..but these dramas are essential I guess , after all we need something to talk about later on! 😉

And to think ,all this for a supposedly free service !

Luckily ,before  I was ready to lose it , I spotted my dad in the ocean of eager relatives awaiting their loved ones arrival at the airport. After that I didn’t have to worry about a thing not the baggage or the children as dad and mom took charge of one respectively.

Anyways,our India trip didn’t go like we planned it.Little M got sick as soon as we got to our home town. All the precautions  I had made sure he didn’t get any infection were in vain.The cause of his gastroentitis was just the change of climate.

We had to miss both the weddings I was so looking forward to attend and also that Trip to Ooty. we just forgot   road blocks and land slides enroute Ooty curtesy the Monsoon .

However M barely got better for our Housewarming ceremony which was the main reason for this year’s visit.

We had a small one with just the first round of  close relatives.We fixed the time for the function around midday so it would be easy for everyone to come at leisure and enjoy the function and time together.

the outside view of the house…………….the  credit for the design of our house  goes to my archietect  Uncle .I am surprised  he didn’t disown me with the number of plans I made him draw !!!!.

front entrance decorated with Jasmine and Marigold flower strings.

Little M with all the auspicous things like turmeric,sugar, betel leaves and sandlewoodpaste………….all signs of happiness and good times to come

the pastor prayered , blessed , drew the Cross with sandelwood paste in every room


then it was time to light the stove and boil the Milk 

The Milk is a symbol of prosperity and the boiling over is the auspicious sign that signifies that prosperity and bountifulness will abound in the House.And the part I was panicking about,serve  the  sweetened milk to our guests.I breezed through it  though!

I figured out that much of my reluctance to invite all of the  family to celebrate was coz I was nervous and shy about being able to play hostess……..but when I got down to it, it wasn’t hard like I imagined!!Even though at one point prior to the function ,I thought I was going to collapse on the floor out of panic, I eventually enjoyed the function and had fun entertaining my family in my new home.

We didn’t want the cooks come over and cook the Feast,so we just had a caterer come in and serve everything.The food was delish and everyone appreciated it.All we had to do was talk to the guests and see that each one enjoyed themselves.No hassle of running around buying stuff to cook , staying around the cooks to see that they did a good job and find people to serve etc .They even did the clean up so it was just perfect .

Now that the house warming is all over,we are debating (still!!) whether to rent it out or or let it gather dust,leave it as it is ,until we make it next year.It wouldn’t be a new house then, would it  now?

We’ve always lived in newly built houses ever since we were married,yup even the flat we live in now was newly built( specially with us in mind is another story)and  we won’t be able to live in our house for a while………..sigh

Whether we rent it or not,one thing that  will always make me sigh, is the fact ,no matter how many new built homes I have lived in, I could never live in my newly built home. How  Ironic !

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