First day of School

A picture  worth a million words  ,today was little M’s first day in school.

Ever since the day we met his teacher, he has been beside himself with excitement and couldn’t sleep  at all these past few days.When I woke him up this morning,all dh had to do was mention the magic word , he was up   and got ready in a flash!

He had to be ready for the bus by 7.50 a.m.  His teacher had been very particular that we don’t go to school on the first day with him.So we didn’t go with him to school in the bus,like we intially planned.

I was a little apprehensive how he would be in there ,as he has never gone anywhere without me so far……… while he travelled on the bus, we followed behind in the car .

It was an excercise  purely to assuage my trepidition.I just wanted make sure he was doing fine in there.

When we checked out with the driver , the driver informed us that he was as comfy as  an old timer with the new kids!

A’s school has not started yet and this is the first time in a long time that he was alone at home with me.He was so eagerly looking forward to it, but he didn’t realise that he would miss his little brother a lot.It was a amusing to see him check the clock every ten minutes .When he realised there still was time, he offered to go to the nearby store to get some ice cream for M to celebrate  the first day .When that was done and still more time left, he admitted he missed not having M at home and went out and stood waiting for the Van to arrive.

The instant the van arrived A was at the door, and carried M half way through,hugging and kissing him like  he was seeing him after a very long time,I totally melted at this show of affection.M started bawling the moment he saw me and said he didn’t want to go to school anymore coz he missed having me around.

I almost anticipated this reaction coz this was exactly  how A reacted, when he first started Preschool.Another adjustment period for him now!One,  I hope, he’d get used to soon _without sheding too many tears.

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