What do you do when….

Life gives you scraps?!……..why? Quilt of course!!Well that’s what I’ heard and Did it too. People, you heard that right …… I am learning to Quilt. Did I hear someone mutter, “like she needed more hobbies”?!!!

Anyways, I saw this ad on paper, and decided to take the Quilt Workshop right away.impulsive as always Its fascinating,totally addictive _ more ,because, I have an incredibly patient teacher. I think, I tested her patience to the limits. You see, I got the sewing machine right on the day before the workshop!! I had trouble figuring out how my machine works, (Yea,I know, even that ) getting the quarter inch seam , doing a single straight line stitch, strip piecing, cutting, everything in simple words………. STILL……… I managed to come this far!!!!Not bad Huh?

see those pins there? Its not completed yet.I am also working on a Sampler Quilt which is making ‘Good Progress ‘. Once you figure out the cutting and stitching,I think its going to be total fun. I love Quilting so far _ going to the store and choosing fabric, trying to put the pieces together, see the quilt take shape_ there is not a single thing I dislike yet .What makes it so very interesting ,is that it is almost like doing a jigsaw puzzle, which is one of my other favourite things to d

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