Flower Potholder

I decided to make this potholder that didn’t need any blocking or had too many weaving in ,just so I’d have something crocheted to show.

Another Close Up

Project Details

Pattern : Potholders Japanese Book.

Thread: I used the thread that Marvie sent me for centre.And the Varigated thread is Anchor Lifestyle Thread I bought from Mimi KAM15, I think.

(M took off the thread wrapper)

Hook: 1.75 mm

This book is really great and I have so many patterns I want to make from it.

It has a cute chicken, those adorable dresses and bloomers and also a scotty pattern in it.

Being used to the Ondori Japanese books with its charts and instructions in English it takes a while to get used to the instructions in Japanese. But you can figure out most of the stuff with help the charts. Its no big deal.

Another potholder that I found on a blog as a vintage pattern is also there.Will update the link, once I remember where I saw it.

The only thing I wished when making this potholder was , that we get the sugar and cream type cotton yarns more here. With Sugar and Cream or Bernat Cotton, this would be perfect.

Thread actually makes it look small.I should have used two or three strands of thread held together.

I personally like the cotton yarn instead of using several strands of thread held together.

In other news,The quilt as you go quilt is coming out nicely too.Sitting on the floor and cutting is so comfortable .

The thing that I need to do asap, is to figure out a way to make the excited imp I have , sit and watch instead of jumping across my rotary cutter holding hands on the floor.

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