Beaded Drawstring Bag

Presenting my first ever Finished Object made without a pattern.

Ta… Da…. 😀

I LOVE shells and beads!!! I tried making two different patterns that I thought of, at the time.They, however, didn’t meet my criteria for a bag,  like for instance,I don’t like a open lacy work around the base of the bag.You know , it can be annoying, when things stick out from the bag or when they fall out through that lacy work on the bag.

Here’s a close up of the stitches and the beads. Just a simple pattern but I am extremely proud of this one,coz its my own 😉

Its not lined and does-not have a strong base lined with cardboard or anything.

You think my mom will like it? All done on my to do list for mom.YAY!!!

The Materials List for Future Reference

Thread :

Used a little less than two skeins of


    • Schachenmeyer Nomotto Catania


    • 100% Cotton


  • Colour: fabre 0108 pie 5855



  • size F /5 -3.75 mm Boye


Used 2 tubes of Close Beads (60 in each tube)

Colour :Art 30110.009 B-47346564

Pattern: My own

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