Crocheting with mom

This was the first time I was visiting my mom after she retired. I decided not to take any of my yarn and hooks so that I could spend all my time chatting with her.Well, I was in for a surprise! A box full of Knit Picks Cotlin yarn was waiting for me in my room and my mom declared she wanted me to teach her to crochet from patterns.Was I thrilled or what!Now ,my mom knows all the stiches in crochet ,just does not know the terminology.

I tried to teach her what stood for what.Started the simple magic square potholder.

Pattern: Double-thick Diagonal Potholder

Hook: Local numberless steel hook

Yarn : Knit picks Cotlin 3/4 Skein of Island Coral Colur U700 Lot 2338

Halfway thro the square, she realized crochet was not her cup of tea and decided to go back to her first love embroidery. So she made me this teapoy cover.

Speaking of embroidery, my dad showed me this table cloth I made him a long time back.

The material I used, is actually  my old school uniform skirt !This design is from the Soviet Woman Magazine.Anyone remember that mag?

There was one for kids too I forget the name of that one.Only thing that remains in my memory from that magazine is the name Masha

Anyways I have made many of their designs and this is the only one I have left. Have no idea what happened to rest of them. I still have those design sheets tho’  🙂

I once really loved embroidery,_ Ofcourse,it was my mum’s doing, every quarterly , half yearly and annual vacation, she would make me do one of these and she made it so fun too_as I loved watching the design emerge into life. Now that I have come to  know the instant gratification that crochet offers, my patience wears thin before I can finish a tiny spray of flower 😦

Since we had plenty of  cotton yarn lying around, _

apart from the yarn my brother sent, my aunt who was visiting her daughters in the US,  also got me Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and I had no clue they were all bringing me yarn and cotton yarn at that!_  Mom suggested I make her new hotpads to replace her old ones and I happily obliged.

Pattern : Potholders

Hook : Local nameless hook

Yarn: Knitpicks Cotlin  Island coral U700 Lot 2338;Cre’me’ Brulee         Colour045 Lot 3087;KohlrabiColour U046 Lot 2336;GlacierU047 Lot 2337



    • I only used this pattern as a
      guideline .


    • Since mine wasn’t lying flat, I added 2 dcs to the last stitch


    • I also added a row of scs before doing the scallops   and made the scallops as I liked.


    • it turned out exactly like in the pattern.


    • my mom loved it!


  • I made a few more using the same colours but different sequence just didn’t get their pictures.

I found this thread from Anchor at the local craft supplies store in my home town,(*gasp*)_ it actually stocks supplies for all sorts of crafts, not the fancy store cum sewing store one usually comes across but they donot have great yarn just threads_ and first I made edging for a hanky


Then thought it would look great tatted.So tried that as well.

I figured out how to read tatting patterns a little.  Its not exactly a pattern I followed,I  kind of went with the flow  , trying to do another pattern and ended up with this  🙂 .Still I like how it turned out.

Still need to work on the neat finishing techniques.

I thought I’d lost this painting,

imagine my surprise, when my mother inlaw gave it to me when I went to visit her. I don’t remember giving it to her at all, must have gone there when we were shifting from Pondicherry to come here.Its kind of  special,coz I finished it on the day before  I delivered A. Its acrylic on spathe from the coconut inflorescence.

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