Quilt Blocks – make along

Quilters Knitting group where I ‘m a member ,  over at  Ravelry  is hosting a Quilt Block a Month along.So I joined , in hopes of learning more about making traditional quilt blocks

First choosing the fabric

all the pink  coloured fabrics are from a fat quarter bundle that Dh got for me from the US.The Flamingo fabric is from here.

I got down to work,

And the finally the block

I was so excited to finish this up . Pretty pleased with the final block too. The lines do not match perfectly but I ‘m working on it.

Block -2

I’ve done this block before,still it was fun to do it again. This time, I am glad, the block turned out much better than the one I did before.

If done perfectly with the 1/4” seam, the corners and all the seams will align and make a perfect block. I am not yet there, but its an improvement. Still a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go!

Step One IMG_4137

Step 2


Step 3





Here are Block#1 and Block#2 together


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