Inga’s Haekelbeutel

Here is the bag after squares all were sewn up


thank you so much for the warm wishes of luck before I felted it…

it all worked!!! Every single one them!

Coz look !!!….my felting dream came true!!!


Here is another shot to show how I did the handles


and one more shot just because…


Project Details:

Yarn : Patons Pure Wool Double Knitting

Shade2443 Lot 49781 chocolate

Patons Pure Wool Double Knitting

Shade 5388 Lot 11/010 blue

Patons Purple Heather

Shade 193 Lot 49351  coffee

Hook :J

Pattern : Inga’s Haekelbeutel

Tid Bits:

  • I decided not to line it as the felted bag is quite thick
  • I attached the handles before I felted and loved how they all fused together with the bag.
  • The only change I would do is keep the handles a bit shorter, although the dh thinks it looks rather cool being long like that.
  • I found this great tutorial to line the bag only after I finished felting it. But I am putting in the link here so that it may come in handy for those looking to line it.

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