Christmas Decorations

We are planning to go to India to celebrate Christmas at home. Since we are going away I wasn’t  planning to put up the tree and the decorations. Saturday while I was preparing the special lunch,(this time, fried rice ,matar paneer, cutlets and gajar ka halwa) the boys decided to surprise me by putting up the tree and decorating the hall.

I was not supposed to know all this was happening .I  happily pretended to be  shocked and surprised that they did all that for me while I was in the kitchen! I think they did a wonderful job. : D


to see my crocheted tree skirt,  my quilt on the coffee table


and my favourite snowmen on the dining table thus displayed ,make me smile every time I look at them.Every year we have this little tradition to add a new Christmas decoration.This year its this little Christmas Train set


Later that evening was the Sunday School Christmas function


There was singing ,dancing

IMG_0778 IMG_0789

and the nativity scene.And of course Presents!

Then the carolers came


finally after a looong wait at 1.30 a.m! We had a  little party for them after they  finished singing the carols.


It was fun 🙂


All my Christmas  projects are in various stages of getting finished.The shopping, packing  mad rush that usually precedes our trip has taken over. I ‘ve decided not to worry about  finishing them this year.

The only project that  got done is this  mini Christmas Elf quilt.


This Stitchery can be found here.I learnt to do French knots for the first time with this project.Hand appliquéd the ornament the elf is holding with a small piece of fabric from the side border .

IMG_0818 NO4

Don’t you just love the gold and vibrant red together?! I love it !

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out although there is plenty of room for improvement.

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