25/26 Liberation/National Day

Kuwait National flags everywhere



IMG_6167 IMG_6175


Kids in Kuwait National Flag colours





Crown Prince and Emir


art work by kids on display



On the roadside people selling flags and party foamIMG_6322

Kids waiting eagerly to spray foam on cars passing by



People on the sidewalks watching the fun and spraying party foamIMG_6363




Rushing in to spray foam as cars wait in the signal_ its a game they play _ open the car doors and spray foam on the people inside the cars. Sometimes, their “victims” wait for them to come near their windows, making sure their doors are locked and windows just open enough to keep the knob of the can to spray on these guys .

Most often, we see them coming back with foam all over their face :)) .Then the signal lights go green , the cars all move in snail pace until they all stop at the next signal ,you see boys and girls running here and there with foam cans and the game goes on .

One boy,( not the one above) happily running around spraying foam on unsuspecting people and one of his ‘victims’ happened to be a very pregnant lady .I think he got a little carried away as he was spraying the foam.For when she emerged out of the car, all her beautifully made up face ,including the eyes was covered in foam !!

She stopped the car right in the middle of the road, walked with a wobbling gait to the boot of her car with as much dignity as she could muster as all the people in the cars watched her , pulled out face wipes,got back in and wiped her face.

A sudden lull prevailed for a few seconds.All went quiet.Very quiet .All the cars patiently waited for her to start her car. Everyone seemed to feel the lady’s discomfort. No honking,no rushing the lady to move it.

The boy who sprayed the foam, red faced by now, obviously very embarrassed at having caused so much discomfort to the lady ,ran away to the other side of the road and disappeared into the crowd.

As the cars started moving again , he came out of nowhere, apologized while quietly pointing out ,that a part of her abaya was stuck in the car door.She smiled and all was well again,he disappeared once more into the crowd.

Later we saw the lady buying foam cans and holding it ready on her steering wheel _ probably to give back as good as she got!

Most often it is all fun and done in good spirit. When they do get a little carried away, the police step in and keep it all in check so it does not go out of control.

Each time, I see the happy celebration during these two days, I try to imagine how it must have felt to be under a foreign siege and then be free again.I have heard stories from Kuwaitis I have met .Still until we experience it , its hard to grasp the pain.All I know is that I am really glad that those dark days are gone and people can celebrate so freely!It makes me smile.


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