Doily/ Coaster

Call them whatever you will_ little doilies or coasters, these are handy little things to have around when you want to grab a little gift for someone or even when one of your little coasters disappear into some mysterious land never to return.

And ofcourse ,who can resist the lure of an instant gratification, when ones sees these little charted japanese patterns?! Not to mention, stash busting as well!

Anyways, here are my little doilies.


Pattern: Pastel Lace Coaster


Pattern: Anywhere Mat


Pattern: Hana Doily

All doilies made with size 1.25 mm Jimra Hook and left over size ten threads.

I’ve had people ask me how I starch doilies. So for people just starting out…..

This is a thermocol sheet I picked up for 100 fils from the 100 fils store.First I pin out my doilies, and then spray starch. And allow to dry.


Simple! 🙂 and it is for this simple process, dear people, that I procrastinate endlessly :))

Do you also block your doilies this way? or How do you block your doilies? I’m curious to know.

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