Tissue Cozy / Crochet pincushion

Recently, I got to  attend a Basic Sewing Workshop where we learnt about quilting and sewing terminology, tools , fabric, thread ,needle and most of all learning to use the sewing machine and caring for it. (Yea, I am going in the reverse order, learning to quilt first and then learning to really use the machine :D)

I would have immensely benefitted, had I  taken this course before I took the beginners quilt workshop.Still, this was very helpful for me as I got to refresh  some of the things I already knew and got a learn few other things I did not know about.

Having attended this workshop, I am now more confident with my sewing machine. I actually tried out the different decorative stitches my machine has.It has all sorts of cute stitches programmed into it, which was a lovely little surprise to discover.I’ll show them one of these days.

We learnt little tricks and tips to remember while cutting with  the rotary cutter .I am now so excited to use all these little things I learnt there.

I’ve been browsing the net for quick little  sewing tutorials . Of the scores of tutorials I found online, I really liked this  tissue cozy tutorial.view 2

This concept of ‘Share the love ‘ impressed me a lot too! I might started following this campaign.Once I learn to stitch neatly, that is.view 1  view4

I have found a whole lot of quick and easy tutorials I want to try .My plan is now to sew something new everyday. Now that  school has closed out for the boys, I am not sure, how much time I will have for my crafty stuff . But I do have a plan and if I could sneak in some time here and there, then I know where to look 🙂

I  do have a couple of projects on the hooks, in the meantime, I happened to find this little beauty by chance and I just  couldn’t pass.IMG_8148

.Its so quick!

Nothing like  having a cute daisy pincushion  hanging on to your  sewing machine to  cheer you on as you try new things rt?! It does make  me smile ,each time I look at it  sitting like that on the machine table.


plus, its  a nice little way to use up scrap threads and fabric, what more could you want?

I did not go looking for it, but I am glad I learnt to do the crocheted I chord from this tutorial with this project. It always feels good to learn something new everyday.

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