Square doily


This doily was part of a group project, I belonged to .We had several projects going on every month.As usual, I was always behind in completing all the projects, but I liked all the charted thread projects they chose to make.And made quite a few of the patterns too. Now the group is sadly closed.

The shape of the doily was what drew me to it.I’d never made a square doily before. I had some  size 10,DMC Babylo thread  in lovely green lying around.Plus it was charted.I have no idea where the pattern is from , or what it is called.I used a 1.5 mm Jimra hook for it. I love working with this thread, its so smooth.But the store  has  very few colours  to choose from.

That s the reason I gravitate towards Perle’ cotton 8 most of the time.I was hoping against hope that the thread would be enough and luckily, it was just enough.


Only charted patterns appeal to me now.With written patterns, I find myself getting extremely impatient and keep checking the pictures from time to time to see the number of stitches, etc ,instead of just reading the pattern fully!

I had finished this one loooong back, but as I’ve been known to do,I kept putting off the blocking  part.Although I did not do a very good job of the blocking, I ‘m glad it is done.

I ‘d decided  not give away any of my doilies and other crocheted things  when it struck me that I have none of my crocheted things for myself or our home to show off.It ‘s decorating my coffee table right now.  IMG_8175

Project Details

Thread :   size 10 DMC Babylo

Hook : 1.5 mm Jimra

Pattern :  group project ; unknown source

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