The tale of the pink summer sunny tote

I wanted to  share this little story about the Summer Sunny Tote I made recently.IMG_8502

This past Saturday, as we were getting ready for Church, Dh and the boys were collecting all the books and CDs  to be returned to  the library and looking for a bag to put them all in.

This bag caught Dh’s eyes. He gave me two options to choose from.Either I sell it to him, or turn the other way, while he stole it. Not giving me much time to think,he fished out a 10 Dinar note from his purse , stuffed it into my hand and before I could say yes or no, he put all the library stuff into it and took it  away.

So yes,I made my very first sale.Ever.For a whopping sum of 10 K.D.

Although I gave it away very reluctantly, I smile each time I look at it now coz its a pink ladies bag and the man has no reservations whatsoever carrying it around.Plus I feel weird not being able to  have a say in how gently it should be used _ because I made it_ coz he paid for it too and now I no longer own it :))

What do you think I did with that 10 K.D??

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