Carry Me Away Market Tote


This is another bag I tested for Jessy of Chocolate Mints in a Jar.Don’t you just love the lace design in this bag??!!Its one of my favourites.

This is such a easy and fun pattern.

Project Details :

Yarn:  5 skeins Schachenmeyer  nomotto Blue Jeans in two colours (51 lot 029 and 52 lot 018)

Hook:H hook

Pattern: Carry Me Away Market Tote

Tid bits :

  1. I made it with two strands of yarn held together
  2. I made the smaller bag version
  3. I did not line the bottom
  4. I think, I added up a couple of extra stitches when joining .And found it out only when I was going to make the handles, that I had more numbers .I worked that out by decreasing the stitches_  it did not affect the overall look of the bag.
  5. Funny thing was , although I was following the pattern correctly , I freaked out mid way, as there were no pictures, to check if I was on the right track. I emailed Jessy and she immediately sent me the pattern  for the larger version with all the pictures.Then making sure I was on the right track, I calmed down and worked on  rest of it.

Got got late posting about it. I had too many things happening at home, that I couldn’t handle well. Anyways, I have it all on control now.

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