Wip: Knitting

This week…there ‘s been a lot of knitting…. IMG_8894

For the  Cotton KAL/CAL announced over in SAARC group at Ravelry to celebrate Indian Independence Day on 15th August  ,I decided on potholders  because I  also needed to start on my  Handmade Christmas gifts  list.  Only people, who I know will truly appreciate it, will receive handmade gifts  this year.The list is not very long. This  Kal/Cal I thought would be a great excuse to  try out some of my favorite patterns on Raverly  .

I ‘m starting at the very beginning of my to do mental list.

The basket weave pattern has always always called out to me.I once started a scarf and then quickly frogged it because it seemed tedious at the time . I thought I may not have  the patience to repeat it again

Moreover there is one on the needles already…. IMG_8903

….. that is going  a little slowly for me…… I like to see the cables take shape but I cannot work on it continuously.

So now a potholder seems like a great way to  kill two birds with one stone…or is it three ??  :))

I first tried out with a larger needle.  Simply because I love those needles. It was a swap gift from a long time back, and I like to pull it out at every chance.

Half way thro…


I realized the resulting fabric was tooo loose…. I was not at all happy with the result.So I frogged it and started  all over again on  smaller  needles .

Its  sure goes sloooooooow …and these are not that special needles  but I  do love the way it looks now.


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