Weekend shenanigans

Today being Teacher’s Day in India, M took a single rose bouquet for his five teachers and attached  sweet cards to each of them, he wrote out Happy Teacher’s Day on each of them  to “show the love”  as he said.Store bought cards I must add.(The initial plan was to make handmade cards and I’d offered to help him with it and also make bookmarks for him to take. But then it didn’t happen that way   coz I have developed some sort of allergy  and have terrible itching all over my body.

A ,as usual couldn’t be bothered by it and said that he would just shout out Happy Teachers day as a class as there were too many teachers to take flowers for…hmmm I don’t call him Garfield for nothing you see 🙂

Friday, the boys decided that had to go fishing.IMG_9686

It was 44 degree C outside but they were  not in a mood to take no for an answer.IMG_9697

I tagged along too. Stood out in the sun for a good five minutes  and took a few pictures

. IMG_9698   (M likes to spot hearts everywhere he goes, and he pointed this one out to me and I had to take a picture:) )


IMG_9700 I am not an outdoor girl ,definitely not one to hang around at that temperature! Dh and the boys are used to it though. So I  returned back to the car after convincing M that he had to return with me too, switched on the AC and knitted to my heart’s  content while he listened to his favorite songs on the car stereo  .they didn’t catch anything although we could see plenty of fish swimming around. they plan to go again during the  E id Holidays when we hope the weather will be better.

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