Trying to look pretty potholder

The weather has cooled down now.We’ve turned on the heaters already although at a very very low setting. I  kind of like this climate controlled world inside my home

The boys are home today, A has study holiday (wow that makes it sound like he’s giving his board exam.doesn’t it ?)

As part of the Cotton CAL over at the SAARC group on Ravelry, I chose to make several potholders to give away as Christmas gifts. This is one of the patterns that I had wanted to make for a long long time.Its quick and pretty . This is also one of the patterns that I’ve made twice in a long long time. Simply because I wanted to see how these colours would look together. Tell me ,which is your favorite combo? I can’t decide .I like them both  🙂IMG_0359

Project Details :

Hook : 3.75 mm

Yarn : Schachenmayr nomotto Catania

Pattern : Trying to Look Pretty Potholder  ( Scroll down for the English Version)


Will show the the other ones I made soon.

I finally cast on for that hat I was telling you about.Its growing slowly. I just finished the ribbing part yesterday night.I want to finish  up some of my UFOs before I start new ones but it is taking sooo long. Two of them are sewing projects and I have zero motivation to pull out the sewing machine. For now I have no Crochet projects to work on.Maybe its the weather that I am attracted only to knitting lately.

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