The Live and Learn Quilt

IMG_0541This quilt  is a  panel that I got with the idea of making a quilt for my little nephew ,who is very fond of George the Monkey.Super excited that I got the perfect backing  fabric too, I went and shopped for batting at the local store. I decided to use the envelop method , to save time with binding the quilt.

Only after I started actually stitching did I find out that I had made several mistakes. For one,  I had got only one meter of the backing material when I should have gotten at least half a meter more.

Then the batting turned out to be too bulky for a beginner like me to handle.

Finally when it came to quilting too, I tried to quilt around the animals which did not quite work out well,  that I had to rip out the entire thing .

By then , this little quilt had too many mistakes to be given as a gift. So I decided to practice my free motion quilting on it .

And this was the last panel the shop keeper had.So I could not go and make another of the same one with the lessons I had learnt with this one.

M had been pleading to give it to him right from the time I started making this quilt, and now that it was not fit to be given away to anyone, I let him have it.The happy little camper with his new play quilt.IMG_0539

The back of the quilt. Isn’t it a perfect match for the front panel?


Although my heart bleeds at the thought of wasting this lovely little panel,and backing,

I ‘ve learnt quite a few valuable lessons with this quilt and hence I  call it my live and learn quilt 🙂

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