Dolores Park Cowl

The idea of something  loose that covers the neck and the ears in the cold has always fascinated me  .Although hats look pretty, I am not much of a hat person. I like to wrap my shawl around my head and neck in the cold. I always need to cover my head and neck so as not to end up with a ear and throat infection.

I had this one skein of extremely soft squishy yarn Shanna gave me and I wanted to use it all up in one project. I checked out some of the patterns on Ravelry, this pattern seemed simple enough and I decided to give it  a go.IMG_2117 GJ

Like I said  before, it took only an afternoon from start to finish , but I was looking for something to go on like a hoodie. I still had a lot of yarn left.So I frogged it all and thought I will cast it on in the car_ on the way to watch the fireworks _and finish it up while waiting there.

I had the wrong needles, but it worked fine for me the first time.It was probably that I was distracted that I could not get the casting on right.

I tried five times_ each time my frustration level going up a little higher and then finally decided to throw the thing into the dashboard . The thing kept crying out to me from the dashboard , saying this time it would behave and I had to give it one last chance. So I took it out, and true to its word, it all came out right! 🙂 .Happy , I left it and went on to enjoy the fireworks, which started just as soon as I finished casting on .

I followed the pattern all through but kept knitting round and round till whole ball of yarn was  over.

No idea about the name of the  yarn or needle I used.

I learnt to make M1* from the Video here

I like this cowl  so much that I  have already cast on for one more in another pattern.

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