Woodland Quilt

This week I managed to finish the woodland quilt .


I am not one to plan projects meticulously. I just dive right in  without much thought , frantically splash about and  finally heave a sigh of relief when I reach the shore;thankful that I did not sink in somewhere!

That s pretty much how this little Woodland quilt came into being too. The Doodle Stitch along looked appealing, I jumped in.

Someone said , they’d finish it into a mini quilt.Good Idea I thought and decided to do that too.Someone else said 6” inch squares, so I started out cutting six inch squares and then stitching on my little motifs…… you get the drift?

WhenI finished all the motifs, I still wanted to finish them into a mini quilt . I really really like mini wall quilts.I wanted to add a little something of my own to it and kept thinking that I would do a mini nine patch block between those motif squares for colour.

Then I got a brainwave that a pinwheel would  add to the whimsical element of the motifs.

With my rather pathetic math skills some of the  pinwheels  ended up with  some corner points cut off.  I chose not to get too stressed about it and think of it as a learning experience.


When the piecing part was done, I couldn’t decide on  the quilting part . I simply did  a bit of free motion and a bit of straight stitching.

For the binding I tried machine stitching the binding  this time,with two lovely tutorials from Leah Day. I am still not able to decide if I like it or not . Its quick that’s for sure. I tried a new way of making hanging loops from here  too.

With  each quilt, I try a new technique, so that I can find one that I am comfortable with and works for me. With each quilt I get a little more confident with my sewing machine.

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