The Storm


Friday started out like any other day. I was in a cooking mood, so  I made Spicy Garlic Shrimp and Bread pudding as extra treats.We had our lunch, took a nap and went to A’s music class.

Midway, we say a big cloud like thing slowly rising from the horizon.Just as we were wondering what it was,the sign on the road blinked_ Dust storm approaching. We seriously did not think it was going to be bad.We’ve been in  dust before. And as we were saying how eerie it looked and if there was a background music, it would be almost like a movie, slowly it came up covering areas little by little .Some people were standing on the pavement watching it approaching too.

After dropping A at his class I wanted to get some yarn so we went to the store, the storm hadn’t gotten there yet. Blissfully unaware of what was happening outside, I was browsing all the gorgeous yarn, got what I wanted .Just as I was going to the counter to pay up, a little fog came up in the other corner of the store. The store assistant ran to close all the open windows.I paid up and still unaware how bad it was , we went out.

A kind man watching us cover M’s nose and run, shouted out through the whistling sound of the wind, “don’t go if you do not have a car” in Hindi. I shouted back , we did  have a car and had to pick up another son in my broken Hindi.By the time we got into the car, we were covered in pitch dark dust.Even the high power street lights that usually make the street very bright were useless. Slowly   we drove to A’s class, picked him up and started back home. Visibility was zero .

M got really really scared and  started freaking out. He would cry and then calm down alternatively.I tried to make him sing along with the Petra s singing on the Car Stereo.He declared he was not in a mood to sing. A quietly settled to watching Bambi, in the portable DVD player, hoping M would join him. No use . The crying started again, demanding for MacDonalds this time. (is that his comfort food I wonder?)

Dh stayed admirably calm amidst the drama that was happening outside and inside the car and drove on .A lot of cars pulled up on the side roads because they could not drive anymore.Some people were reacting weirdly, like this man we saw, who had parked his car on the emergency and was  trying to clean his car,with the  wipers standing up .And another lady who parked her car right in the middle of an intersecting road and refused to move.Difficult situations make people react in different ways I guess.Generally however, people were being considerate to one another and driving extra carefully.Giving way and not rushing one another.We did not even know  where we were until we reached the signal that was close to our home.

When we got back home, most of our home was covered with dust. But the Kitchen was a sight to sore eyes. We had forgotten to shut down the exhaust fan and it looked like an old abandoned building with everything covered in sand!

Back after we had our dinner, (yes we did get McD )and got down to say our prayers, M said please don’t  ask me to pray, I will start crying.Aww Poor baby. I

I forgot my camera and took pictures only on my cellphone. But I couldn’t download it yet.

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