Beaded Batua

I had no idea for a long time that these little drawstring bags were called Batuas.

In my part of the country, they called it suruku pai.One of my favourite memories associated with it is that, there used to be an Event called Sangam in our Home Chruch .All the elders in family would give us small amounts of  money .Those who cannot come would send them through others early in the morning. We looked forward to it so much.

My mom would stitch  little drawstring bags from old clothes.Later in the evening, we would all go to a little fair in front of the church,where mostly indigenous toys and sweets were sold. We usually went with a bag full of coins and came back spending every little paise and getting all that caught our fancy!

Recently I came across this post that gave a nice introduction about history of these batua bags .

I started making this bag on a whim, as I was making it, it struck me that it would go very well as a party bag with my Kantha saree. DSCN1398

sure does don’t you think?

Close up of the beads and true colour


Another view from the side


Project Details :

Yarn/Thread : J&P Coats Speed- Cro-Sheen  size three thread and two balls of Anchor Knitting Cotton .Both in Black.

Hook: 3.25 mm  boye  steel hook

Pattern : Winged/

Tid Bits :

Initially I had planned to bead the entire bag,  I ran out of beads   and the thread it self.Now I am happy with how it turned out and think that it  after all looks better this way.

I used J& P Coats thread for the first half  and then held two strands of Anchor Knitting Cotton and finished off the rest  .I was delighted to find that they made no difference at all

Its the same as the bag I made before a long time back.Just the beading is different.Its the same beads tho’ 🙂

Don’t you think it goes well with the saree?

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