Deneen’s Baby Blanket

It started as just a trying out an edging, session .I got carried away with it and crocheted way into the night till I was done  .


The Close Up


Project Details :

Pattern : Deneen’s Bubble Baby Blanket

Yarn :   For the Body _4 Skeins of King Cole Baby in Colour 059 Dye 62142

For the edging _0.5 Schachenmayr nomotto Bravo in Colour 8281 dye 81387

Hook : I /5.5mm Boye

Tid Bits :

I’ve made this pattern before.I didnot realise  that until I happened to check out my project page in Ravelry.Today when I was searching to link the pattern, my own previous post came up in the search! And guess what! I first tried the Tiramisu Blanket, this time as well and then switched to this one as it wasn’t quick enough!

Its the same yarn too!

This time around, I did not crochet with two strands of yarn Iike I did before.I made 110 foundation chains.

Good thing I decided to do a different colour edging this time around. :))

For the edging :

This is what I did.

Row 1 :Sc all around, make 3 SCs in the corners.

Row 2 : Sc, 3 Ch, Sc in the same stitch, skip 2 Sc, then repeat Sc, 3Ch, Sc . Repeat all around.

This pattern has become my run to pattern for a quick gift  .You can see how fast this worked up since I posted when I started as well.

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