WIP: Hat & Scarf

A rush of new beginnings is happening here. It always gives a new excitement, rt? Much anticipation of a new FO and lot of dreaming in between 🙂

There is a little baby hat on my knitting needles right now.

I’d wanted to learn knitting  a round hat .I had some of the yarn left over from the baby blanket. Its Fingering 4ply.When I went looking for Circular needles suitable for that yarn, I was much disappointed that they did not have a 40 cm -3.5 mm circulars .So I thought I will get a bigger yarn and different size needles .No luck there either. I never noticed it until now, there’s no worsted weight yarn available here! There’s DK yarn, Fingering yarn and Bulky/Chunky yarn.But No Worsted Weight yarn.

All I could manage to get was a 40cm-2.5 mm needles .But no DPNs to match it.I decided to get them anyways.

I’ve cast on for this ribbed hat pattern.I’ve Cast on 108_ more stitches than the pattern called for.DSCN1540

I’ve never knitted with needles this tiny and it  feels like I’m knitting with a couple of skewers.

There’s something new on my Crochet hook as well. I just started the Angel Crochet Scarf , simply because I wanted something simple, quick and pretty to crochet . I did not realise that it was written in British terms until I worked up  about two rows . Somehow the stitches seemed too big for my taste and then I checked notes on Ravelry which said it was written in British Terms. Ah! that made sense.Now I’ve ripped it and started again.DSCN1570

I’m using a Denim yarn that I used for this bag.

I got completely confused by the dtr / tr thing that I had to check a couple of videos to get my stitches right again! :))

M had been bugging me to let him use my Acrylic paints .They have been just sitting there for more than a year.Secretly I was delighted but did not let it show.He got up bright and early, rushed through the morning chores and rushed me through mine .Finally we sat down .


He loved it !. Then it got too much and we ‘ve wrapped it up. It was so much fun while it lasted!

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