A Bag for M

When A got to go to the movies with his friends, I told M that I ‘d take to him to see Rio at the theatres.He agreed and patiently waited.July is M’s birthday month.In keeping with our little tradition of celebrating from the beginning of the month up until the birthday,I decided to take him to see the 3D Cars movie that is running in theatres now. But there was one small hitch, I cannot sit through an entire movie in a theatre without ending up with a blasting headache. Now A is a big fan of Cars and M wanted to experience going to the movies alone without parents just like his Big B.So it was decided that we’d drop them at the theatre , go for a little stroll around the mall , come back and pick them up once the movie got over.

I made a little mistake reserving tickets online which Dh said if we left early could be sorted out without any problem. Now that  we were all set, I decided to do one of my favourite things to do, browse for bag patterns. [My computer crashed a few days back, (thats why I have not visited all my fav blogs)I had all my pictures and files backed up but lost all my bookmarks.]

As I was looking this pattern, M walked in.We saw the  slideshow together and after that I have no idea how the little imp made me agree to making one for him. I remember him saying we had similar fabric with us. Giving me instructions about which fabric would match with what. (My quilt teacher was right all along about him being better at choosing fabric than me!!)

Anyways, I started out happy but with a little slave driver near me, jumping around  and instructing me that it had to have a zipper on top and the sling just that falls just  so below his hip.That I did not know how to make all that fell on deaf ears with “ I know you can make it mumma ”_it got a little nerve racking and  by the time  I finished I was on the verge of tears! Really, no joke! Somehow it seemed like I was making food when my hungry baby was screaming for food.Yes that would be M! Totally! Even as a baby he would scream his head off if he was not fed that very second he was hungry. Oh I forgot to tell you about this little pocket he instructed me to make for putting coins inside, which I stitched upside down and noticed it only after I finished the bag .So I just ripped the pocket out, except for that one teeny tiny thing, Mr M was completely satisfied with the outcome. I was in no mood to photograph but he was having none of it.Are you not going to show my bag to your friends? he asked and proceeded to model it for the pictures. He had to check if his poses were show casing  the bag properly after every picture I took!


My husband walked in the door , took one look at me and knew  right away ! As M was jumping around modeling his bag and doing the salesman pitch for his new sling bag, extolling my virtues as a great mother and greater bag maker who made the “bag of his dreams”,he came aside and asked me incredulously “how did he talk you into it?! All I  could muster was,”I don’t know “and ran and hid in the bathroom for a quick hot shower to get ready for the outing! Not before letting M know “ M , you are not going to make me do anything like this again” For which I got a solemn“ I won’t ask you  to make the same bag again mumma ,next time we  will use  different fabric and a different design mumma!


He took it to the theatre and has been constantly carrying it around telling  whoever was willing to  listen that his mumma made it for him  just the right size bag with a zipper and a sling that fell just below his hip  :D. That BIG B approved of it was a bonus. Btw,Cars 2 was great and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.


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