Tiny flower hair ties

I made these cute little flowers hair ties. DSCN2613

The pattern came from here. I really like it that you do not have to sew these flowers  in the rubber band or hot glue them but crochet it  as we go along .

The threads are all Size 8 threads that I got from Mimi a long time ago, when I had a proper address to receive things. I love working with these threads and my 1.75mm Tulip hook.

October has started out to be a very busy month for us . First it is assessment time for the kids.Hindi  and Arabic are giving us collective nightmares. Exam times also bring out a lot of discussion time with it.

We had one very important discussion this week   …..

M says he is done with studies and would like to teach now.After all he has now completed Kinder and first standard.He can teach the classes he has already passed rt?  So why can’t he teach classes he has passed out from.?Then he can choose who the class monitor can be, and also decide not to teach Hindi and Arabic to his students…….hmmm do y’all have any idea, how hard it is to keep a straight face through all these questions and discussions?

And then we have ones with   A , who wants to know why he needs to study and get a decent job, when he can rap and be  a  singer like Eminem.All my life I’ve hated his angst ridden songs filled with f words and  here we are with an ardent  fan in our house…. sometimes I  catch myself  singing without even realising it  … “sorry mamma”……sigh

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