Saroyan Scarf

I started this  project with much trepidation.I am so happy to report that turned out to be one of the most enjoyable knit for me. DSCN3681

Project Details:

Pattern : Saroyan

Needles : 4.5 mm Pony Straights

Yarn : 4 skeins Knit picks Cotlin in Colour Crème Brulee 045 dye lot 3087

After I showed my work in progress , I ripped it out when I realised that I would run out of yarn.I considered ordering more but it is all a  tedious process for me .

I decided to do seven increase repeats and seven straight repeats  and seven decrease rows and ripped out till seven increase repeats and started working on the straight repeats. I was not too happy with the idea but I did not have any choice too. When I came to the seventh straight repeat, I chanced upon  one more skein of same yarn when I was rummaging through a different box of yarn  searching for something in it!.

So  I ripped it back again  to the seventh repeat and went back to my original plan of twelve increase repeats, eight center repeats and twelve decrease repeats. I am petite, so decided to do eight center repeats to just cover my shoulders. Thankfully I had just enough with only this much left!


I am pleased that I was finally able to complete it just the way I wanted it.

I haven’t blocked it and donot plan to do so yet.I like it just curly and all.

I love this yarn too, its soo soft and most importantly not heavy at all to wear.

p.s.: did  you all notice today’s date? 11.11.’11, I like dates like these ? Do you also take note of these kind of things ?

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