Wearing What I made

This morning we had to drop the kids at one of the Christmas programme practice really early.So we all went ,grabbing a quick breakfast from MacD. J and I planned to shop later at IKEA

I wore my C3 Cardigan .


This one was long done and was hibernating coz first I could not find the right buttons for it and then I wanted to do a shot wearing it .Which never happened because I was just plain lazy!

The yarn was from Shanna. I had previously abandoned this project when I made it with Knit Knit yarn.The drape of this yarn is so nice.

Project Details:

Yarn:  8 skeins Classic Elite Yarns Cotton Bamboo Colorway 3620 Trellis Green Dye lot


Hook : 3.75 mm

Pattern :C3 Crochet Crop Cardigan .

Tid Bits :

I had just enough yarn to finish this cardigan although I did not want to have sleeves after I saw Rima’s C3 Cardigan. I also followed all her notes : did not change the needle size, and also increased the body length.

The inverted V in the front is a happy coincidence and I’m so happy it worked out perfectly.

The yarn was just enough to complete it.

Did you see I wore my Saroyan scarf too?!.

I always feel extremely self conscious when I wear something I made outside. I finished this cardigan  long back..Every time , I’d take it out to wear and then decide against it and put it back in , then wear something else. This time I got brave Smile

However I was the only colourfully dressed person in the sea of brown and black and cream and blue dressed people in the Mall and felt like I was in a fancy dress or something

DSCN3769 After we went to the  practice venue, we learnt  there was a slight change of plan so M came with us too.


He told us he’d be on his best behaviour and kept his word totally!  DSCN3778

The IKEA people and I think alike I guess, I’ve been obsessed with hearts this Christmas.I didn’t get any coz I’m making my own Smile


It was fun having M with me today .We picked out scented candles after smelling every candle scent and deciding that  our all time favorite apple cinnamon was the best.

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