Sezession I

I got four skeins of this gorgeous shade of Riot Chunky and was planning to originally make the Survival stole with it.I wanted to get a couple more just in case I run out  while working on it. Turns out everyone was smitten by this one shade of  colour and by the time I went in to get more , every single skein except one was sold out .Even that one skein was already kept aside for some one else.The SA and I had an interesting conversation over the phone.She thought I was the one who had asked her to  save that one skein of yarn and told me to hurry or she’d have to  give to the next person who wanted it. I was quite confused by what she told me, but I went anyway.She took one look at me and realized she had asked the wrong person to come.Long story short, I got the other shade I am now using for the Survival Stole  and came back.

I was just itching to work with this yarn .Since I did not have any granny style shawl, I decided to work on one with this yarn.

shawl 011shawl 012

Project Details

Pattern :Sezession I

Hook:6.5 mm (K)

Yarn: 4 skeins King Cole Riot Chunky 658 Dye lot 67212

Tid Bits :

Took me all of two days to get it done.

This patterns reminds me so much of the Groovy Crochet Shawl I made for my sister in law a long time back. Back then ,I made it with Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair

I added a shell border for the last row.

My parents are coming over for a visit.Dh and I had to run to the Friday Market to get a few things , so I wore this shawl for the first time.It felt so soft and kept me warm in the cold , rainy weather and cheered me up on this  rather grey, gloomy day .

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