Margo Bag

I took advantage of the fact that my mom was here ,to sign up for a full day Margo Bag Workshop. I had wanted to take this one for such a long time! It is a one day workshop and I hate leaving the kids alone at home after they are back from school. So  I kept putting it off. Just before the workshop, M got sick because of the crazy low temperatures we were having here, I lost my voice and A was also catching a throat infection. In other circumstances, I wouldn’t have gone but since mom was there  covering it all, I still got to go!

It was a really wonderful workshop. I learnt to make zippers in a new easy way.It was such a joy meeting all ladies who came there .There were two versions of the pattern and I chose to make the smaller version. We got to choose between making either the smaller version or the larger version.

Between the four of us at the workshop another lady and  I chose the smaller version ,  the other two  ladies choose the larger version .Each one turned out so different from the other.That was the fun part of the workshop. We ran a little late and so I could not get the picture of the other bags. Here is the one I made at the workshop

.margo 001

Close up

margo 002

The zipper

margo 003

Inside pockets

margo 005

the back

margo 008

the front pockets closer look

margo 011

I am still waiting for the pattern to arrive, so that I can start making the pattern all by myself.

Speaking of my mom, she has been busy too , making this little Elephant hankie for M. She saw the pattern online and drew by hand ! No tracing of patterns for this lady!. Is n’t Ellei cute?!

ELEI 002

a close up

ELEI 003

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