Wafra Picnic

The children went for picnic to Wafra and came back with exciting  stories  of carrots , radishes being pulled out from the soil,fish caught and prepared for BBQ_that they were completely grossed out with the  killing and cleaning that was involved and have now stayed off the said food is another story_ which in turn piqued my parents’ curiosity about the place.

Friday since the weather was gorgeous , we made biryani and went on an impromptu picnic to Wafra.

Colourful Kites that we saw on the way

Picnic 002

prompted us to stop by the  kite seller as we had to have one too

Picnic 003

a makeshift shop

Picnic 004

Saw camels of all sizes  and colours…. this desert actually had a sign board that said Arizona Smile

Picnic 006

Picnic 073

We plucked some wild flowers …. Spring is definitely here but the weather in Kuwait is unable to make its mind  ….so one day  the weather is gorgeous, the next day, its either dusty or freezing and are both. Seriously Winter , go away, make way for Spring.

Picnic 025

and saw vegetable farms

Picnic 055

We cracked up at the name

Picnic 067

Picnic 062


Picnic 075

Picnic 069

Mule cart

Picnic 049

Picnic 044Picnic 033Picnic 032Picnic 079

We ended up enjoying  more  than we expected .

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