Mom’s Work

Its March already .It’s that crazy time of the year_ with the annual exams going on and the children impatient for their holidays to start and me trying to get them into  some sort of  studious mood.

Anyways, I’ve been mostly feeling blah all the time and no inspiration to do anything except admire the stuff my mom churns out  .  One fine day she  asked if I had a  saree blouse that I wasn’t using .I had one, so I gave it to her. She said she had an idea in her mind that she wanted to try out and this is what she did.She would have done up the entire blouse   had she not run out of thread.

 photo (27)

That started her Creative juices to flow and she designed this wall hanging for me on some felt  , with embroidery threads and beads I had lying  around.Paisleys are my absolute favourite motifs.Everytime I look at it , I just can’t help smiling .

liberation day embroidery 035

I just love how this  turned out and hope that one day some of her Creativity will rub off on me as well. M and I had a little owner ship tiff over that one.  I got called ‘selfish” and’ greedy’ for wanting to own everything thathi (grandmom)made .My mom was just rolling her eyes at how childish I could still get .She still thinks I’m in school, having a fight with my brother. Moms!!!

So I  did what I usually do under these circumstances_ brushed aside her order request  to give it to him right then and there  and  simply asked her to make something else for her dear grandson. So she made him this little applique.M has asked her to stitch it on a plain Tee for him so that’s what we will be doing next.

giraffe 001

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