Crochet Runner

The runner I was working on ,is off my hook.

runner 009a

The border and edging.

runner 005

runner 010

Project Details :

Pattern : I got this pattern off Pinterest, but  later I realised it is the same as Lucy’s Summer Garden Granny .

Hook:3.5 mm (F)

Yarn: Random yarns of  Schachenmayr nomotta Catania and Rico Essentials Cotton DK


I tired the join as you go method for these squares after trying out several others and ending up being completely dissatisfied with them all.

For the border, I decided to single crochet around  for about five rows, with different colours .

I just winged the  edging . If anyone is interested ,here is what I did ..

*After completing the single crochet round with a slip stitch, Start edging with Ch 1  1 sc,  and in the next 2 stitches.1hdc, 1 dc, 1hdc in the next stitch. Then 1 sc  into the next 3 stitches…

For the corners  Skip one sc, in the next stitch, 3 hdc , ch1 ,3 hdc. Skip one stitch 3 and repeat around .until you reach  first Ch 1.Slip st. Fasten off.

( 3 sc,{ (1 hdc 1 dc 1 hdc) in the next stitch} 3sc ) around.

Corners: Skip 1 sc, 3 hdc, Ch1, 3 hdc in next stitch, Skip 1 sc, 3 sc, { (1 hdc 1 dc 1 hdc) in the next stitch} 3sc ) around.

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