Lillies in a pond

The other doily of the doily duo is all blocked and done.yarn and all 006


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you ‘d be able to recognise this one. Yup, I ‘ve made it before.  I gave that to my aunt , who I always say is my other mother. She has it framed in  her home in the U.S.  I havn’t seen how it looks though.

This time I decided to do a bead  edge. The green thread is DMC Perle’ Cotton 8. The pattern is from the same book Beautiful Crochet Lace Doily and Table Center.

yarn and all 008

I was going for the lilies in a pond look.Do you think the doily gives that impression?

yarn and all 009

In other news

I finally untangled all my completely tangled and messed up Catania Cotton . I went from this

yarn and all 001

to this

yarn and all 002

Stacked in the box.

yarn and all 004

Does anyone else find untangling tangled yarns therapeutic ? or am I  the only nutty  knotty one or  do I have a knotty soul sista out there?

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