(Repurposed) Summer Bag

Sometime back, I  fell in love with this fabric(  bling and all)I saw at a local tailoring shop and decided to order a tunic made from it. I chose the pattern I wanted, gave order for stitching it and came back , excitedly dreaming about wearing it with this pant and that. Not only did they take forever to deliver  it  ; when they did , it didn’t fit! I was so  disappointed but was so done with the waiting that I decided to just leave it as a lesson learnt.

However,I did not want to throw it away .You see, I was  smitten by the colours ,  and the chumkis /sparkly things on it that I decided I’d make  some sort of a bag with it and saved it. Like a lot of my sewing plans, it never materialized.Yesterday morning, determined to get some sewing done, I  took out this tunic without any fixed  idea of what it was going it be.   I was thinking of a drawstring pouch. And then out of the blue, the idea to use the bamboo handles came .

Here I must tell you all, I never used any pattern, measurements ,rotatory  cutters or mats. All along I  eyeballed everything , thinking”   I am just trying to make something so why measure  or cut with a rotary cutter etc !” And what do you know!!!

bagjumka 010

I ended up with this  bag !!For a novice like me ,whose mantra is usually stitch rip repeat with more ripping than stitching happening , this really is progress!!  Somewhere along the way,those bag workshops  I took have come in handy  after all!

bagjumka 013

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