Teapoy Cover

These squares were originally for a little cushion that my mother in law made a long time ago for A .A misplaced it somewhere and so I decided to turn the squares into a Teapoy cover just in time for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. DSCN7011

What makes me excited about this cover is not the top …..it’s the edging that I came up with for it.DSCN7014

All made with Laura cotton yarn and a 4.mm.Pony Hook. All that cotton yarn has made the cover quite heavy ,even if that’s what make it hang so nicely.I really like this yarn ,just wish it came in 100gm balls. The border was a yarn eater really.I do regret not keeping count of the number of balls I used for it and  also not making note of what I did. However,its easily reproducible .Nothing complicated  at all!



yes ,it completely matched the cake; no, it was not planned but a sweet coincidence Smile

I  also made a couple of other little things here and there….an edging for a hand towel


and a little granny square with Embroidery floss and 1.75 mm steel hook.This is a colour combination I saw online  and wanted to try it . DSCN6010

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