My Week in pictures #2

A random collection of pictures from my Instagram



The temperatures are coming down and by God’s grace, we have been having dust free days..

these first flowers of the season make me smile


J got a lot of good bananas and I’ve been making banana fritters every other day.fried but oh so yum!


We happened to see these sugar coated cumin seeds after a long time. Ilove eating them after every meal.


I made Roast Chicken and stuffing to surprise the boys .Its their absolute favourite!


I found this ornament  when cleaning the craft closet.Made a long time back and forgot all about it.


A has been very eager to learn to make dosas the way J and I make. J was the one who taught me to make Dosas crispy and paper thin, so now he has taken A under his wing .The first step is to make an intact dosa.A managed that! His first intact dosa


M has been having a hard time learning Arabic.Big B jumped in to help lil B and patiently repeated word after word , correcting mispronunciations without   a tinge of irritation .Within an hour or so M learnt to recite the Arabic poem he was supposed to learn.  Mumma is very proud of both her boys! 09eccd3c0d8211e2a73722000a1c8929_7P

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