Rosa Caponcho -take 2

The temperature here in Kuwait has dropped down and we are slowly pulling out our warm clothes and room heaters . All that I can think of right now is knitting scarves , shawls,cowls and hats.

Like I mentioned before, I frogged the Rosa Caponcho I first made and started working on it again. I do not like working on the same projects over and over again.When I make the same thing again, it becomes a chore that I try really hard to finish.However, when I do not get something right the first time around, I get OC about making it right and can only rest in peace after I finish it to my satisfaction.I think someone has pushed the” try try till you succeed  “ a little too hard into my head.  no mom its not you ,I think it was mummy patty

Anyways ….., since second chances donot come by often, its good to grab it with both hands when it does.I’m quite happy with how it came out the second time.  I ran it in the washer and it has bloomed out nicely.Its really soft too.

Today is the last day of school for my children.So dh and I went to drop them at school and meet their teachers as well.Since it was quite chilly this morning , I wore this to school  .When we came back, I asked dh to take a quick picture for me.Its so warm and cozy and I love it.

poncho 012

This is the true colour

poncho 002


I cast on 80 stitches. After working 115 rows, I worked five rows of garter to keep the edge from rolling up.

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