Beautiful Whangarei Falls

My husband and I went to Whangarei for a day trip. 

We started early in the morning, had a scrumptious breakfast of egg muffins at Burger King .It drizzled a bit while it was still dark but as the day brightened,the drizzling stopped. It was quite pleasant 

This little waterfall right of the highway, was perhaps a prelude to what was in store for us at WhangareiDSC0086

Chatting happily, and taking in the beautiful green fields we passed,we saw hens on the way… oo where did they come from? They seemed like they came out of nowhere,  for as far as we could see , there were no houses around. We stopped took a little break , then resumed our drive. I dreamily looked out the window and what do I see? !Did you see  what I saw?I asked my hubby, suddenly realisation dawned! we did an about turn and went back to see if what we saw were really ….peacocks! Sure enough it was!  .Who would have thought of seeing peacocks here! DSC0075

Finally we were in Whangarei and riding around when we saw a sign that said Whangarei falls 2kms. We decided to check it out.Our iPhone GPS came in handy


A short walk from the car park and you are there!DSC0205

Ooo Look !! ferns !! I used to try soo hard  to grow them in our home back in Kuwait and only succeeded growing them in a terrarium  but here its on the side walk near the car park growing wild! There is a public toilet just opposite the carpark area although I can’t say its clean. the dirtiest I’ve seen in NZ so far 


There is a lovely picnic area overlooking the river. We crossed the river above the water through a metal bridge. This bridge had no hand rail and I was a little nervous about crossing it but we did cross it. I was infact more scared about dropping my camera in the water 🙂



The falls are magnificent.


We got adventurous, and decided to take the circular walk


The walk goes around the waterfall, down one side, continues through the reserve….DSC0283


offering view of the picturesque waterfall from the other side


crossing a bridge leads ….


…to the base of the falls where there is picnic table and viewing area. DSC0320

We had our jackets on and my camera ready ,for the view of the falls from the bridge is Breathtaking!! 


Spectacular Curtain of water!

 Down the bridge also leads to the walkway which zig-zags back up the hill  to the car park.DSC0355

The tracks are very clear and well maintained although both sides of this circular track  are zig zag  and there are some steep toe curling slopes to cross to the lower bridge.DSC0345



A must see if you are in the Whangarei area.

 this  is one of the many vignettes we saw there  which promptly made me fall head over heels in love with Whangarei !!



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