A Sweet Surprise

Leonie commented on my last post saying that I won a giveaway on her blog. I was thrilled beyond words! I sent her my mailing address  lo and behold,the package arrived the very next day! I will say this much:it could not have arrived at a better time to cheer me up!

Anyways, gorgeousness greeted me as I opened the pack. 6 lovely shades ,of Moody Hues (75% NZ Merino 15% Alpaca 10%possum )Yarn from Skeinz NZ.  Am I lucky or what!!


ooo the colours! Just what I’d been wanting to try ever since I came to New Zealand. I’d read a lot about New Zealand made natural yarns  you see . As we were getting showered with hail and thunder storms a few weeks back  I started a  project with the grape colour


_ a cowl, just my own pattern .Love the feel of the yarn ,its light, and soft  and oh soo lovely to knit with !! Just the thing to warm the soul and fingers, as the storm raged outside.

Here is the finished Cowl, I wore it all day long, no itching scratching that sometimes happens with natural fibers and kept my neck so cozy and warm. I couldn’t believe how soft it was!


Do you remember the green top I’m wearing?  I’m not self-conscious anymore of wearing my handmade stuff . It just makes me super happy  that I’m able to  wear  my handmade stuff  around.


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