Butterfly Creek, Auckland

We went to ButterflyCreek to celebrate the last single digit birthday of our last child.



Its a fun little place that had a little train ride, petting farm,many varieties of butterflies, Big Australian Saltwater crocodiles,, baby crocodiles, an aquarium , a Cafeteria,picnic area and a souvenir shop.

As soon as we went in , we made a beeline to the Cafeteria,  corn dogs meal,  ice-cream , and  Coffee,  were our fuel fill .The food was good .Next we went to take a ride in the little red train.


It was a short but fun ride.

We then went to the Farm area called the Buttermilk Farm

Buttermilk farm

We could buy food to feed the animals for a small amount(50c).At first the boys were hesitant and a little scared but dh showed them how it was done and then they went through several packs.





Guniea fowls roamed around freely in the playground area that also had picnic tables.  Swing slide ,monkey bars and trampoline entertained the little one so much plastering a happy smile for the rest of the day!.



We then went and watched the crocs getting fed and heard all about them fierce creatures.The Staff were interactive and very friendly. When we went to see and touch the baby crocs one of the friendly staff saw us admiring baby crocs in a glass box and  showed us a little demo about how quickly they react and catch their prey.Which was just amazing! very educational .


The butterfly house was a delight  with  stunning butterflies flying here and there ,   amid the waterfalls and lush foliage, pond with colourful fish .The butterflies sometimes land on you if you are lucky.we got to see the lifecycle of butterflies in several stages  It was so humid in there we had to take off all the layers we were wearing and the camera lens kept getting blurry because of it.


The small aquarium


The gift shop is a good place to shop for souvenirs,to remember the day by.



Butterfly Creek is a lovely place to spend the day with all sorts of entertainment for adults and kids alike.

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