EASY PEASY SNOWFLAKE – Free Snowflake pattern

 This is just  a two row snowflake that I made on a whim. I wouldn’t have written the pattern down had not a liker on my Facebook page asked if there was a pattern online. I did not know of any. So thought I ‘d share what I did.
Skill Level
 Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook F/5- 3.75 mm
This pattern is written in American Terms
Stitches :

Sc= Single Crochet
Dc= Double Crochet
 Picot=3ch Insert hook in third ch from hook, Yarn over and draw though the stitch.(For a bigger picot,4ch)
Round :1   Make a magic loop and three chain  (Count as 1 dc )and work 1more dc then 2 chain , then work  2 dc , 2 ch . Repeat 4 more times into the loop.Close the ring by pulling on the tail, and join the round by slip stitching in the top chain of the starting ch3.( 6 (2 dc 2ch)) finish off.
Round :2  Sl st in to the   2 ch space,Ch 3 (count as 1  dc, )  make one more dc in the two chain space , Ch one, make a picot, next make a bigger picot with 4chain , ch3 picot,ch1, 2 dc. ( 2 dc,ch1, 3ch picot, 4ch picot, 3ch picot, Ch 1 ,2dc )Repeat around.Join the round with a slip stitch in the top chain of the starting Ch3. Finish off.
Enjoy! If you find any mistakes, please feel free to let me know.

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