Let Love Surround You.


Is it just me or did this weekend go by too fast? 

My friends and I had planned to meet up on Sunday but the meet up did not happen as planned. So ,I went with my boys and parents to visit my aunt who is recovering from a knee surgery. She is recovering very well .It was so nice to see her and the rest of the family there.

On Friday,I went to a local saloon and chopped my shoulder length hair by a couple of inches .I can now wear my hair up in a little pony tail. Its light on my head and keeps my neck from getting sweaty. It has been really really hot.But you know what, none of my family , liked it.

Lil B  had just come  back from school as I was arriving home. And he asked “mumma did you cut your hair? show me” When I replied  in the affirmative  and showed him after taking off the hair tie, he got all  Rrumpelstiltskin on me.

Big B was like “oh mumma why did you cut your hair!… and continued on in a more sober “oh well ,it’ll grow, its your hair after all”….

My dad took on a stoic silence while my mum yelled my name and then fell silent.

J in his usual style said” its nice, but I liked the long hair.” I ,on the other hand, was quite bemused and  did not know how to react to the dramatic reactions of my sometimes very dramatic family. What’s with my family and long hair,?  or is this an universal thing? 

 I’m surrounded by love , I know! and I ain’t  complaining. 🙂

)Val stitch 02 

This is the other stitchery I was working on..I did not add anything to the pattern and I think its a free pattern . I found it on Pinterest. I’m so pleased I get to   strike off one more project from  my to do list .Yay!

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